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That ice cream looks nice, but your eulogy won't, so abstain if you're new to India.At home, water and milk were boiled so as to preserve our California-private-school immune systems.Copernicus, Even though he probably accepted a fairly young cosmos—the only option available in the 16th century—Nicolaus Copernicus was far too sophisticated a thinker to have been a friend of 21st century biblical literalists.

Copernicus’ study of the theories of such luminaries as Ptolemy, Euclid, Sacrobosco and Regiomontanus was complemented by his own observation in Cracow of the comets of 14, and of four lunar and solar eclipses during the next two years.

The radical Islamist terrorists attempting to overthrow the Malian government torched the South African-funded Ahmed Baba Institute where the documents were kept as they fled the ancient city of Timbuktu, Mayor Halle Ousmane Cisse told reporters Monday.

The library, which contained thousands of priceless manuscripts from ancient times, was put to the torch as the rebels fled the French and Malian troops who were closing in on the Saharan city.

I had been to India before, but everything loomed this time around.

We only ended up staying for a year (my sixth grade), but when you're ten, American, lazy, and you wind up on the other side of the planet “forever”, biases kick in and you see things in a different, condescending light.

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