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"Then it just occurred to me you can copy and paste things from the internet and into a text message.It got me thinking, 'what can I sent to him' which turned to 'what is a really long book', which ended with me sending him Macbeth." Mr Joseph bought the console and bundle of games from a seller two weeks ago via direct bank transfer - giving him no protection when the seller failed to send the goods or provide a refund.A friend joked that she was producing so much extra milk that Toni could open her very own dairy.

You'll taste 15 quality wines, and enjoy a delicious 3 course food and wine matching lunch.…But Toni was stunned when her only customers turned out to be men – who use the milk for its healing properties.Studies have shown breast milk can be used to maintain general good health and could even be a miracle cure for adult illnesses including cancer, diarrhoea and diabetes.Mr Joseph said: "I was really annoyed and I was trying to think of ways of being more in the position of power because I felt so helpless about it."My first thought was that I could try and pretend I had found out where he lived but it was all a bit of a cliche and it wasn't going to worry him really.

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