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When we discuss about stats, it should be actual and real.

US divorce statistics are gathered by a number of diverse agencies, such as the U. Census Bureau, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Center for Health Statistics, and the independent Americans for Divorce Reform.

The stats are not comprehensive but the figures help a lot in understanding the meaning of divorce in the highly modern society of America.

It raises a whole level of anxiety [in the person hearing it]." Divorce is also considered a dirty word by the more than 200 "marriage masters" interviewed for the book, Project Everlasting.

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But as the honeymoon period wanes, and day-to-day difficulties crop up, the word can come up frequently during arguments for some couples, say relationship counselors.

"Just don't go there," suggests Steve Brody, Ph D, a psychologist in Cambria, Calif., who counsels couples.

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I can’t remember when I realised my marriage was over.

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