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Everyone else, think of what tickles your fancy — finance type guys in suits? Argo’s are a great middle ground between corporate lovin’ Starbucks and the artsy crowd at independent shops.Because so many jobs today allow the flexibility to work from home (or from wherever you’d like), don’t assume that just because he’s at Starbucks at 1 p.m. The New Hotspot In Town There’s something to be said about guys who like to stay on top of the latest trendy place around town.The sexual revolution of the 1960s and the internal migration of Americans to big cities meant that singles events in mid and large-size cities quickly replaced local town activities where participants previously knew each other.By the 1970s, singles events had developed a reputation as a "ritual of lies and mistrust", replete with men in search of casual sex, cold and unfriendly women, and frequent misunderstandings.According to Melissa, your best bet for finding a gent with serious potential is to check out places and events where you'll catch a mate with a common interest. Coffee Shops Coffee shops, specifically coffee shops in the neighborhood where your “type of guy” goes, are not to be overlooked.For example, hipsters and the like should head straight to the Wormhole Coffee Shop, do not pass go, do not collect 0.Address: 837 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 06067Website: Publican's sister restaurant is a tad more laid-back and the perfect spot to try meats washed back with good beer.Since almost nobody in Atlanta is actually from Atlanta, we spend most of our time telling out-of-towners why they can't go about finding attractive, eligible people to mate with the same way they did back home, because dating in the ATL isn't like anywhere else, and is downright mysterious for the uninitiated.

Those are the equivalent of the bars that singles traditionally go to meet other singles. When stock or bond traders are trying to do business in person, it’s hard to be sure that they have canvassed all the potential buyers and sellers to get a good deal—and there might be an even better deal lurking in some other market in another city.Events and bars, lounges, and nightclubs frequented by singles became known as meet/meat markets, or places where attendees rapidly sized up members of the opposite sex with objectifying criteria, such as attractiveness, wealth, and fashion sense, before taking the time to get to know attendees on a deeper level.BY TAYLOR WADEWe scoured through Anthony Bourdain's The Layover and No Reservations episodes and carefully handpicked our favorite Chicago venues for crafting the perfect date night.Similarly in a crowded bar no one can meet all their potential dates to ensure that they connect with the one who is the best match.And a bar can only hold a few hundred people; there might be thousands of potential dates out there who just don’t much like loud music and meat-market establishments.

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