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It was one of those patrols that made the grisly find early Wednesday. Jennifer Pound, of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, said officers have not made links between the four murders.

Nor had they released the identity of the latest two victims.

Transit police say sexual harassment on buses and Sky Trains is on the rise, and they are trying to find ways to encourage more women to come forward and report the incidents.

Spokeswoman Anne Drennan says in many cases the perpetrators are repeat offenders who target vulnerable women.

After a couple of sentences, Waterhouse knew the man was on to something.

"There had been an accident and someone was injured in front of his business," Waterhouse said.

I am just going to go get some information,” she said.“It’s problematic. Surrounded by farmer’s fields and train tracks, it has few houses or witnesses. It is a wonderful place to have lived,” said Mac Farlane.

We are seeing something here that is very concerning to myself.”IHIT officers were at the dump site with a forensic identification team through the day Wednesday. Area resident Shari Mac Farlane said she has lived just off Colebrook Road for 11 years and feels completely safe.“I am here alone, no dog. “There is a real sense of community here.”She said police had stopped by after the January and February slayings to ask if she had heard or seen anything.

Dunkerley called police, who suggested she shine a light at the lens to jam the camera, or close her curtains.METRO VANCOUVER -- Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts says closed-circuit cameras and special lighting will be installed along Colebrook Road after four bodies were dumped in the rural area in just six weeks. Bill Fordy and area residents to discuss her concerns about the disturbing discovery of the latest two murder victims – a man and a woman – on Colebrook near 125 A Avenue at about 2 a.m.After two other murdered men linked to the drug trade were found along the same stretch of road in January and February, police stepped up patrols in the area.In another case, which was reported over the weekend but happened in September, a man offered to help a foreign student buy a transit fare at the Gateway Sky Train station in Surrey.But after helping her buy the ticket, he began kissing and hugging the woman until she managed to push him away and get on a train.

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