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Sitting in a medieval meeting room in Notre Dame cathedral, he defended Pope Benedict’s decision to take the four bishops back into the Roman Catholic Church and indicated the SSPX would have to bend to Church discipline.

He called the decision “when people express their desire to respect the teachings of the church and the primacy of the pope, my ministry of mercy does not allow me suspect them a priori and to suspect them to be the worst people on earth …

Here he is in this letter asking for what look more or less like the unsatisfactory conditions expected of the Society before a gaggle of Old Liberal Cardinals (Sch along with Müller himself were assigned to the committee overseeing the negotiations.

Maybe Ecclesia Dei will throw this letter out and continue as they were before?

Last month, Bishop Bernard Fellay, superior general of the SSPX, told the Register that Rome was giving the Society everything they needed for reconciliation, and that some in the Vatican were looking to the Society to help rescue the Church from what Bishop Fellay called a "catastrophic" situation.

Just this week, the diocese of Regensburg, Germany, affirmed that the Vatican had said the SSPX would incur no sanctions if it went ahead with priestly ordinations in the diocese on July 2 without asking permission from Rome.

Paris Cardinal André Vingt-Trois, chairman of the French Bishops Conference, held a press briefing on Saturday evening on the lifting of excommunications of four bishops of the ultra-traditionalist Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX).

France is home to the largest of the provinces of the dissident group, with around 100,000 faithful of a worldwide total of 600,000.

If only Nixon could go to China, perhaps Pope Francis is the Pope who will reconcile the SSPX!

Pius X has clarified its constant position vis-à-vis Rome after a meeting of major superiors of the Society this week.

In a statement published today, the SSPX cited the "great and painful confusion that currently reigns in the Church", as well as the need for a supportive Pope who "concretely favors the return to Sacred Tradition." It said that the proclamation of Catholic doctrine "requires the denunciation of errors" that have made their way into the Church, ones which are "unfortunately encouraged by a large number of pastors, including the Pope himself." The Society said that it "does not seek primarily a canonical recognition", but rather to bring the light of the Church's Tradition to others "in this age of darkness in which the cult of man replaces the worship of God, in society as in the Church." It added that it "intends to redouble its efforts" to establish and to spread "the social reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ," and will pray and do penance for the Pope, "that he might have the strength to proclaim Catholic faith and morals in their entirety." (See full statement below).

Differences over those teachings have meant that the Vatican continues to view the SSPX as not being in full communion with Rome.

Sources say the Synod on the Family and other confusing signals from Rome have led to this clarification of the Society's position, but that the SSPX still very much hopes for regularization.

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