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Yeah, guys, the couple has already said their "I Do's".Beth Riesgraf was born in Belle Plaine, Minnesota, of German, Irish, and French decent, and has five older sisters.Arnold was born in Minnesota, to parents from Germany.

If you guys have missed watching the popular American sitcom series, My Name is Earl, then we recommend you to go and watch it this instant because today we'll talk about the beautiful and talented actress, Beth Riesgraf. The two had an amazing relationship going on, starting a beautiful family, but unfortunately, this was not supposed to last long and the duo separated, throwing away their six years long relationship.Beth’s paternal grandmother was Mary Verina Henkel (the daughter of Valentine Henkel and Rosa Linz).Valentine was the son of Ferdinand Henkel and Amalia/Amalie Haller, who were German.She is an actress and producer, known for Leverage (2008 ... who currently stars on TNT’s “The Librarians,” said in the latest episode of The Wrap’s ... From: Aldis Hodge & Beth Riesgraf Live Web Chat Part One: ...

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Her previous television credits include the Showtime pilot "Insatiable" as well as recent guest-starring roles on "Without a Trace," "Big Shots," "My Name is Earl" and "How I Met My Mother." From 2007 is her role as a mother in the supermarket in the movie Alvin and The Chipmunks, and the next year gave her the female lead role of the TV show Leverage", Parker, a skillful cat burglar expert in breaking and entering, then stealthily disappearing.

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